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The Fugitive Slave Law has awakened ire in many northerners who had otherwise been willing to let the question of slavery lie dormant, and it is now driving them relentlessly into the abolitionist camp as they reach for their weapons.

For the most part, after she was vilified for participating in a masculine tradition, Child shifted her political campaign into her sentimental fiction writing, a genre carved out by and, mostly, for women.

Even in regard to slavery he had serious hesitations about the ways of the abolitionists, and for a long time refused to be identified with them. Synonyms for this word are advocate,activist, and revolutionary.

The abolition of private war was the first step in Europe toward universal peace. Definition of abolition in English: Eventually, in her novel Iola Leroy, which she sets in the Reconstruction Era, Harper would rewrite the "tragic mulatto" trope made famous in white-authored sentimental fiction, endowing the typically disempowered figure with political agency and how to write abolitionist in a sentence consciousness.

The prowling lion pounced on the grazing zebra and viciously sank its teeth into the zebra's flesh. The abolition of the use of Chinese characters from all public printing and writing helped achieve nationwide literacy at a remarkable speed.

How might you propose to compensate people who, in good faith, bought other people Sometimes I still argue the side of the copyright abolitionists. I will be glad when that damn abolitionist meeting happens. His violent language inspired objections by even the most ardent white abolitionists, such as William Lloyd Garrison, and led to legislation being passed that prohibited slaves from learning to read or write.

It seems that my ruse of a large abolitionist meeting simply is not going to hold the slavers at bay, he conjectured. This was suggested many times during the lead-up to the Civil War, but I think rightly Lincoln as well as the more hard-core abolitionists viewed this strategy as contradicting their position that Slavery was a crime against Natural Law.

Here are fantastic examples of sentences and phrases with the word "abolition". Also, in an admired detached style, Brown pointed out the hypocrisy of supposed Christian slave-owners and their fierce treatment of their fellow human beings.

As a result, a growing number of people distanced themselves from the mainstream abolition movement, prioritizing antislavery as their single mission and advocating political activity to end slavery.

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His autobiographical narrative exposed the struggles that mixed-race individuals such himself faced as he was conceived by a white man and an enslaved womandocumented the debased treatment of slaves, and decried the institution itself for forcing slaves to result to deceitful and dishonest measures in order to abet their survival.

More than 30 countries have made the importation and possession for sale of certain drugs a capital offense. Example Sentences for abolition Total abolition of the copyright and patent systems. Agents of the American Colonization Society in England having succeeded in deceiving leading Abolitionists there as to its character and tendency, Garrison was deputed by the New England Anti-Slavery Society to visit England for the purpose of counteracting their influence.

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The abolition of the cap will cost jobs, but the sector overcame the franc crisis in and will also cope with this crisis. However, many people in the free states hated theidea of slavery and as world opinion began to move against slavery,organizations were formed to abolish slavery in the United States.

Whichever faction they represented, the subversive nature of abolitionist newspapers presented a constant threat to their creators. During slavery -- and I know that's one of those words you're not supposed to say, but I'm saying it -- during slavery, a lot of the slave owners thought that they had the right to do whatever they wanted to the slave, what if the abolitionists had said, 'I don't believe in slavery, I think it's wrong, but you guys do whatever you want to do?

Despite the movement toward abolition, many countries have retained capital punishment, and, in fact, some have extended its scope. Abraham Lincoln was an abolitionist.

In the name of the merciful God, and by all that life is worth, let it no longer be a debatable question whether it is better to choose liberty or death! It follows Douglass from his early years in life as a slave, noting the fact that he—like most slaves—never knew with certainty whom his father was and that he had only met his mother a handful of times.

Is an abolitionist a speaker? Unfortunately we have no example sentences for this word yet. Examples of abolition in a Sentence Hans Hess: Any criticism of their peculiar institution now came to be highly offensive to Southern leaders, and Calhoun, who always took the most advanced stand in behalf of Southern rights urged but in vain that the Senate refuse to receive abolitionist petitions.

Abolitionist in a sentence?

What was the abolitionist movement?

Use abolitionist in a sentence. This was suggested many times during the lead-up to the Civil War, but I think rightly Lincoln as well as the more hard-core abolitionists viewed this strategy as contradicting their position that Slavery was a crime against Natural Law.

Some abolitionists and feminists thought it essential to win the support of clergymen. Two such antislavery groups formed inthe Liberty Party, a political organization committed to abolishing slavery, and the American and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society, a group which refused to admit women.

The slave stateshad become dependent on slave labor long before the United Stateswas formed. Show More Sentences One of the proposals in the original draft dropped by the government was the abolition of the president's office.

In her speech, Mott expressed her own interpretation of pacifism: Child situated her Appeal in logical, rather than sentimental, reasoning, and the ruinous consequences of that decision on her career indicate the restrictions women writers faced.We can write a Custom Essay about Abolitionist Movement for you!

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In the early s, African-American abolitionist calls were picked up by white reformers. William Lloyd Garrison, At writing service you can order a custom essay on Abolitionist Movement topics.

Your essay paper will be written from scratch. abolitionist definition: The definition of an abolitionist is someone who wants a particular practice stopped. Use abolitionist in a sentence. noun. The definition of an abolitionist is someone who wants a particular practice stopped.

An example of an abolitionist is author Harriet Beecher Stowe who worked to help end slavery. Nov 22,  · (Although abolition usually means the removal of something, it is most often used in connection with the removal of slavery, especially in the US.)The abolition of slavery started in the late.

An abolitionist was a person who worked to abolish slavery in the United States. So in a sentence:Abraham Lincoln was an abolitionist. Abolitionist in a Sentence Examples of abolitionist in a sentence. Abolitionist is a pretty challenging word, but we're here to help you better understand it with EXAMPLES!

8 Influential Abolitionist Texts. Written By: Mic Anderson. Share: Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Email. who were self-taught or abounding with determination to learn to read and write from any source possible, as was the case with Frederick Douglass.

Such texts have had a profound effect in shaping the majority of the modern world’s.

How to write abolitionist in a sentence
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