Maxis malaysia balance scorecard

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We believe the future of these services would extend to areas of cloud computing and machine-tomachine solutions. Similarly, Microsoft Malaysia has a community engineering support web to assist rural common people to maintain up the engineering promotion.

Maxis is listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange 2. Our customers will now be able to seamlessly enjoy these services over a wide range of devices including mobile phones, PCs, tablets, TV screens and smart data terminals. They were the first to launch 3G services, Maxis 3G in March Over this year, MAXIS employ 3, people full time, over 80 per cent of who are graduates and professionals.

Maxis Postpaid Balance Check

The recommendations in the Code have become compulsory for all public listed companies to follow. The chief recommendations are the assignment of non-executive managers and an audit commission to supervise greater control of fiscal coverage and the separation of the function of the chair and main executive.

The corporate administration environment is germinating, nevertheless, and the Code and auxiliary stuffs need to be kept up-to-date Maxis malaysia balance scorecard developing the best patterns. Become leading mobile communication service provider in Malaysia.

Lee Chuan Yew Information Technology This contributed significantly to the eroding of investor assurance and in portion exacerbated the crisis. It codified the rules and best patterns of good administration and described optimum corporate administration constructions and internal procedures.

Dr, Zeyad Thamer H. Separate 1 sets out wide rules of good corporate administration for the listed companies in Malaysia.

At Maxis, their CR initiatives are focused on: This is what Maxis stands for. Services that Maxis have provided: Petronas, Connecting to community. Mobile and Plan Maxis have provided selection of services for the customers to choose. Annual Report But, in OctoberBursa Malaysia publically reprimanded Golden Plus and slapped six managers with mulcts numbering RM, for a list of breaches of the listing demands.

CSR starkly opposes these traditional concern principles. To achieve business success over the long-term, Maxis recognize that they must continue to foster and nurture meaningful relationships with the stakeholders.

Both Microsoft Malaysia and Maxis Communications have carried out plans to contract the digital divide in the rural communities.

During the year, our postpaid business remained largely stable, with growth primarily coming from our wireless broadband subscriptions. Denis Seek Technology We believe this rigour is helping us generate healthy cash flows and strong earnings, while new investment in our frontline business continues to seek revenue opportunities.

Lone Part 1 and Part 2 are relevant to listed companies. Mushayt Non-Executive Director 8. Nasution Mohammed Chief Financial Officer 3.

It was gratifying that, for our efforts, we were awarded the title of Asia Best Employer by the Employer Branding Institute, Singapore.

Stephen John Mead General counsel It besides made recommendations on bettering communicating with stockholders and righting the balance between implementing controls and leting companies to happen their ain ways of using corporate administration rules.

Separate 3 is non addressed to listed companies but to investors and hearers to heighten their function in corporate administration.

Malaysia was among those states that succeeded in constructing up many big houses that their states needed for economic development funded by many economic agents. For example, customers understand what it is they are telling them because it is the way that is straightforward and easy to understand.

Become the leading provider of convergence solutions for enterprises in Malaysia. Improve performance at individual, operational and organizational levels, by identifying and addressing specific challenges; Develop and maintain a functional Performance Improvement System; Enhance the decision making process by using relevant data; Nurture a performance culture.

It recommends that half of the board members of the FT companies should be independent NEDs, that merely NEDs should sit on the audit and wage commissions and that if NEDs serve more than nine old ages they are no longer considered to be independent unlisted companies should hold two NEDs on the board.MAXIS STRATEGY AND SWOT ANALYSIS GROUP MEMBERS: Maxis Berhad (Maxis) is an integrated communications service provider in Malaysia with million mobile subscriptions.

As an industry pioneer, Maxis has led the Malaysian market in offering innovative mobile products and services since their inception in operates in Malaysia with its headquartered 1 in Shah Alam, Selangor.

all items in the Balance Sheet are computed as percent of Total Assets (base). For Income Statement, all items are computed as percent of Revenue (base).

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Maxis. Uploaded by. KanasaiII. Analysis of DiGi Telecommuniction 5/5(23). Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad, Malaysia Somita started her career as a Management Trainee in a renowned courier express company and has since accumulated over 12 years of experience in the areas of Sales & Product Training, Learning & Development and Performance Management.

A Case Study of Balanced Scorecard Implementation in a Malaysian Company companies which have a different cultural setting compared to Malaysia (Davis, STUDY OF BALANCED SCORECARD.

Maxis is one of Malaysia's largest telecoms firms, and their prepaid SIM card brand is known as Hotlink. The prepaid service comes in a tourist version with relatively low call/SMS rates, and a Hotlink Broadband SIM that provides a hefty chunk of data (for mobile internet users).

Thirdly, balance scorecard enhances strategic feedback and learning.

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In this process of monitoring the system, the management evaluates the present performance of the company, how the strategies are going on in the company and identify the potential changes in the unpredictable surroundings.

Maxis malaysia balance scorecard
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