Natural disaster

Hide Caption 9 of 66 Photos: Stabilization is another key to psychological first aid. And finally, there is the relevance of examining a model within the cross-cultural context that integrates key elements so as to be globally applicable and efficient in reducing such traumas as post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health concerns.

It is a week-long camp that allows children to express their trauma and be in an environment that supports their faith. Historically, there have been a number of outbreaks of serious disease that have affected huge areas and claimed many lives.

How to talk about hurricanes now

People have also shown that they can rebuild, lives can be remade or start over. One cannot foretell the amount of loss that it may cause. However, psychological first aid is not applicable only to the first responder.

A first responder must be able to calm those who are in crisis due to a recently experienced trauma. During a natural disaster, the highest priority is protection of human life and safety.

Natural disaster

Prolonged lack of rainfall leads to crop failure, starvation and malnutrition, claiming millions of lives in some cases. This article will tell you about what happens during a drought and its after effects.

Natural Disaster

Flood- Natural disaster However, despite the many natural disasters the world over, mankind has shown amazing resilience. If a blizzard is coming, avoid driving and make sure you have food and supplies to last you a few days without electricity or phone service. Share Natural disasters not only affect the people in the area that they destroy, but indirectly also affect mankind on the whole.

A sewage backup can make your home unsafe to live in. Inwhat is thought to be a large meteorite or comet fragment devastated a vast area of the Tunguska region of Siberia.

These groups work on global and local scale rescue work.

Returning Home After a Disaster: Be Healthy and Safe

In some areas, the population has gotten somewhat prepared for the eventuality of disasters and shelters are built for hurricanes and tornadoes.

Such people can include rescue workers, police officers, firefighters, humanitarian relief workers and any others who are in a position to help out during a natural disaster.Most disasters are natural disasters, the result of some force of nature, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods.

Some natural disasters can be predicted, such as hurricanes and severe winter storms, while others, such as tornadoes and earthquakes, happen with little or no warning.

ABC News chief meteorologist Ginger Zee pulls back the curtain on her life in Natural Disaster. Ginger grew up in small-town Michigan where she developed an obsession with weather as a young girl.

After a natural disaster, the loan servicing team quickly reaches out to borrowers that live in the impacted areas to notify them of the options available to them; loan servicers also post information on their websites regarding options.

Natural disasters can be devastating. Learn how to protect yourself and your family. Prepare for emergencies. Get ready for natural disasters before they happen. Discover how you and your family can prepare for emergencies.

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Visit Emergency Preparedness. Stay safe during storms and outages. Oct 23,  · A natural disaster is an event with a natural, as opposed to human, cause that results in large-scale loss of life or damage to property. It could be related to weather, geology, biology or even factors outside the Earth.

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Natural Disasters

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Natural disaster
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