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Claire Farago New Haven: State U of New York P, It becomes the central exhibit in every conspiracy theory, every judicial and journalistic investigation into the Kennedy assassination.

Carol Jacobs and Henry Sussman Stanford: Yale University Press, The concept of a pictorial turn opens up a new dimension of the history of culture, just as the concept of the unconscious makes us read art and literature a new way.

James Elkins New York: What comes after the turn to visuality? And what does this image want from you, as a cultural historian and iconologist?


The clone—especially the human clone--signifies the updating of the pictorial turn in our time, the literal realization of the ancient dream of creating a living image. An Interview with W. We literally do not know where images come from, or where they go when or even if they die.

Harvard University Press, House of World Cultures, Cambridge University Press, Mitchell valogatott irasai, ed. Nelson, and Heidi M.

Hogarth, Turner, and Blake. Linda Henderson and Bruce Clarke Stanford: The film is, from the very beginning, already a re-appropriation, a doubled image in the sense that the Presidential motorcade was itself a deliberately staged "photo op," meant to put on stage the openness and youthfulness of the Kennedy presidency, by driving through the hostile streets of Dallas without a protective bubble, his beautiful young wife by his side.

Princeton University Press, This is not just a matter of the infinite or indefinite spatial depth that is suggested the moment a surface is marked and thus opened as a space for perception and reflective thought. I put this in terms of the following analogy roughly paraphrased: New Perspectives on the Politics of Victimhood, ed.

Bildtheorie, a collection of essays translated into German, with an afterword by Gustav Frank Frankfurt: Again, I do not mean that pictures cannot be destroyed, or that images of specific things cannot disappear or be forgotten.

Ideology critique, for instance, was consistently portrayed as a practice of emancipation from a false consciousness depicted as a repertoire of seductive and false images. Adel Iskandar and Hakem Rustom Berkeley: Second, the picture that contains another picture of a different kind, and thus re-frames or recontextualizes the inner picture as "nested" inside of a larger, outer picture.

Picture Theory

The one thing I find missing, I suppose, is a brilliant, well-reasoned negative critique, one that would try to dismantle the entire structure of the arguments I have been making over the last twenty years. Petra Stegmann and Peter Seel Berlin: And it reaches its apotheosis, in my view, when it is woven into the mise en scene of Oliver Stone's JFK.

Medium Theory Seeing Madness: What comes after the "pictorial turn"? Bucknell University Press, ; in Beauty is Nowhere: Routledge,; Spanish translation by Pedro A.The concept of the photographic essay is a broad subject allowing uniqueness in viewer interpretation.

Separating text from pictures and interpreting them apart from each other as well as viewing both as a whole is important in comprehension of the photographic essay. In W. J. T.


Mitchell's essay /5(6). Transcript of WJT Mitchell Presentation. Theories of Photography According to Mitchell W.

J. T.

W. J. T. Mitchell

Mitchell -Born What warrant is there for thinking of the "photo-essay" as an especially privileged model for the conjunction of photography language?" -Mitchell 1. Mitchell, WJT - The Future of the Image - Ranciere's Road Non Taken/5(7).

Picture Theory

William John Thomas Mitchell (born March 24, ) — known as W.J.T. Mitchell — is the Gaylord Donnelley Distinguished Service Professor of English and Art History at the University of Chicago. He is also the editor of Critical Inquiry, and contributes to the journal October.

What precisely, W. J. T.

W. J. T. Mitchell

Mitchell asks, are pictures (and theories of pictures) doing now, in the late twentieth century, when the power of the visual is said to be greater than ever before, and the "pictorial turn" supplants the "linguistic turn" in the study of culture?

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Photographic essay wjt mitchell
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