Shylock a victim of himself in

In The Merchant of Venice, how does Shylock view himself compared to how others view him?

Another reason to support the view that Shylock is a victim is in the court scene. I never saw it as my function to give Shylock a second chance. He would prefer his pound of flesh from Antonio instead, since now he sees Antonio as the source of all his miseries and confirms his desire to make Antonio pay for this.

In both cases, Shylock appals them.

Was Shylock a Victim or a Villain Essay

Through his lies, mistrust, and underhanded deeds, he does prove to be an unscrupulous businessman who deserves the legal actions coming to him. Shylock uses argument straight out of the Christian church. The Palestinians are Arabs and have strong views against the Jews.

I will now look at the reasons as to why Shylock is the victim of this play. They are only not more dangerous because they are indolent and forget to be. She plans to take a lot of gold and jewels from her father and cause him great pain. Here shylock is illustrated as cheerful that Antonio will lose money, Shylock now has the feeling he will win the bond.

Act 3 Scene 2 shows that Shylock is a villain, as he is determined to have his bond. This is a sign of villainy in my opinion. This suggests that Launcelot deeply detests him. The play is about usury between a Christian and a Jew.

Again in this act Solanio and Salerio are deliberately being heinous towards Shylock. Shylock begins to cause his own misfortune when Antonio approaches him for a loan to aid Bassanio in courting Portia.

Not only is Antonio rumored to have two destroyed ships at sea, but also they both seem to have been wrecked in the same place. Shakespeare shows that Shylock has a sensitive side and that he is a sentimental person who should be treated with respect.

The message Shakespeare is trying to get across is hat when a bond is made it is treated as an oath and seen till the end. There is no definite answer, and the whole victim and villain argument is open to interpretation.

Another reason to support the view that Shylock is a victim is in the court scene. The play is about usury between a Christian and a Jew. However, things do not continue to go well for Shylock.

He is a "Devil" in that he twists scripture to his purpose and is a hypocrite as he presents one face only to be a villain underneath. But the issue is not new to us. Soon enough the tables turn on Shylock and he instantly becomes the victim.

Merchant of Venice: Is Shylock a Victim or Villian?

And I allow him to say it. Another detail that Shylock overlooks is Antonio's good reputation and trustworthiness. Shylock arrives as the only Jew present which isolates him more and shows the hostility towards Jews. One last reason to argue that Shylock is a victim is when he learns of how Jessica is spending the money she stole from him.

He insists upon having a consequence if Antonio cannot repay the debt. It is clear none of the characters feel any sympathy towards Shylock, simply because he is a Jew. Women Empowerment Essay If women are empowered, they can break limitations imposed by the family and society, and take their own decisions.

He is stripped of his belongings but the worst is that he is forced to convert to Christianity against his own will. Portia questions Shylock about the bond, or more specifically about the pound of flesh.

I think that this is quite extreme for a Jew to insult another Jew with anti Semitic insults. Bassanio then offers himself instead of Antonio. He deliberately pursues vengeance, hoping to kill Antonio by claiming his pound of flesh and therefore becoming a hero of Judaism against his Christian persecutor.

The final showing of Shylock's self-induced misfortune comes about in Act IV, Scene 1, when Portia discovers Shylock's mistakes and uses them to Antonio's advantage.Merchant of Venice: Is Shylock a Victim or Villian?

Shakespeare Merchant of Venice Essay I have been studying the play The Merchant of Venice written by William Shakespeare. The play genre is drama and it is set in the late s. It is set in two cities Venice and Belmont.

In my opinion, it gives the impression that Shylock is more a villain than a victim in this scene, which was the view people in Shakespeare’s time used to agree with. Launcelot’s name calling is fair in my point of view because, Shylock is.

Is Shylock's daughter Jessica a victim or a villain in Merchant of Venice? 1 educator answer How might Shylock be the victim of "The Merchant of Venice"?


Although Shylock is viewed by Christians in the play as a cruel man, Shylock is a victim because he is mistreated, betrayed and his possessions, culture and dignity are taken away from him, all because he is a Jew. Shylock is a victim of the play because he is mistreated.

Shylock is being abused by Christians but mostly Antonio. Shylock is the victim because he is seen as being lower than the other characters because he is Jewish, he loses his daughter and money to Lorenzo, and he loses his land, possessions, and forced to convert to Christianity, by getting cheated out of his bond.

Shylock, with Antonio is the major character in the play, at times referred to as a villain and sometimes a victim. The dictionary defines a villain as “a cruelly malicious person” and a victim as “a person who is deceived or cheated”.

Shylock a victim of himself in
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