The marketing assessment of blissfields festival

List other media, including social media, that may also reach a specific market or group.

Blissfields presents Blisscamp 2018

The greater the no. The new law is likely to make it illegal to download or share songs on the internet.

Marketing Plan for Festivals

Under the current regime, a group of musicians playing in the corner pose more of a threat to crime and disorder in a pub than the gang watching a football match on the big screen.

These are as follows: The CMCC says it like to see legislation that recognizes the importance of file-sharing as a way to spread the word about Canadian music. For several years, he has been a weekly column writer at midan.

Music Management

Once the audience has been defined, the next step is to identify and put on paper what each of the audience is expected to think, feel and do having been to the event, that it did not think, feel or do beforehand. His specialties include human rights in Islam and cross-cultural issues in human rights.

Establishing Tangible Objectives and Sensitivity in Evaluation Setting objectives for an event is easier said than done. The team also provides reassurance on how and why the particular event will work among its intended audience. This is because the target audience is derived from the target population which is invariably very large.

An-Naim is originally from Sudan, where he was greatly influenced by the Islamic reform movement of Mahmoud Mohamed Taha, but is also an American citizen. Festival Republic chief Melvin Benn had already indicated an interest in expanding into the US festival market.

In the mid nineties, he authored the Sudanese Encyclopedia of Tribes and Genealogies, a pioneer, state of the art series of books for the different Sudanese tribes, their roots and origins. Daoud is from Wadi Halfa City in north of Sudan. Professor Bakhiet is a founder of the Sudanese Movement for Change.

Ingenious joins Starbucks in investing in established talent. Since an event is essentially a one-off affair and any last moment problem can convert an exceptionally well-planned event into a disaster, all care needs to be taken during the event execution.

Event Evaluation – Evaluating the Success of Events

The band, with a combined age of have alreday topped the UK charts but are now making way for Westlife combined age: The downside to this method is that it is speculative in nature since it deals with plans that nobody has as yet tried to implement.

The DART and TRP ratings that rate the popularity of programmes on air and around which the promotion is slotted, is a very tangible though approximate method for measuring the external reach of a promotion campaign on television.

Remember that print media such as magazines and regional brochures have longer lead times than newspapers and website calendars.BA (Hons) Music Promotion (Full Time) Level Undergraduate / Bachelor. Need more information? Get more details on the site of the provider.

marketing, media and event management skills are vital to musicians, managers and record labels, both now and in the future. This exciting and innovative course has been designed for those who love music.

Did you know? Vimeo is an amazing video service for original creative work, but it’s also a company with real human employees. You could be one! Blissfields has run a successful festival for the past 5 years incorporating rock, jazz and folk Music.

However, this year it will be expanded to include music, assorted workshops, an acoustic. Essay on The Marketing Assessment of Blissfields Festival Blissfields Marketing Strategy Blissfields festival is an intimate, small-scale festival held for an audience of just 2, which is just under double of participants catered for the previous year, with an allowed attendance of just 1, View Lola Gonzalez’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community.

drink and entertainment festival at Potters Fields Park, by Tower Bridge. Wilderness and FN6 in Title: Production and Account Director. The festival offers an eclectic range in performers, mixing tribute acts to acoustic/rock to live Do's o highly hilarious comedy acts all held across a collection of 5 stages - main stage (open air), the bubble bus - a mix of open mimic, Do's and local talent, tractor disco stage - holding a whole host of talented Do's, the hidden hedge which is a secluded section at the back of the festival.

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The marketing assessment of blissfields festival
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